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Residency MPA Gohar Nawaz Khan

  رہائش گاہ و ہجرہ

جناب گوہر نواز خان ایم پی اے
PK- 50 بابر نواز خان امیدوار برائے ایم پی اے

Tarbella Lake

تربیلہ جھیل

یہ تربیلہ جھیل کا دلکش منظر ہے۔۔اور یہ جھیل اس لئے بھی اہمیت کی حامل ہے کہ یہ دنیا کی سب سے بڑی مصنوعی جھیل ہے ۔ہری پور سے شمال کی طرف تربیلہ روڈ کے بالکل آخر میں تربیلہ چھیل ہے۔جہاں سے لوگ مختلف علاقوں کو آنے جانے کے لئے کشتیوں کو استعمال کرتے ہیں۔جھیل پر بہت رونق ہوتی ہے سیاح یہاں آتے رہتے ہیں۔یہاں تربیلہ جھیل کی تازہ مچھلی پکڑی جاتی ہے جو کہ پورے ہزارہ میں بڑی شوق سے کھائی جاتی ہے۔

Baab e Hazara

باب ہزارہ 

جو کہ شہید عوام جناب اختر نواز خان ( ایم پی اے )وزیرِ ٹرانسپورٹ و فشریز نے بنوایا تھا۔

Monday, 28 November 2011

Khalabat Township
Religious Social and Political Personalities of the Past:
Sector No.1
Haji Fayyaz Khan  (Ex. Chairman M/C Khalabat)
Iftikhar Ahmed Khan (Ex. Union & ,Tehsil Nazim)
Muhammad Nawaz Khan (PPP) Lala Khail
Maulana Muhammad Usman ( Scholar )
Syed Mehrban Shah
Muhammad Iqbal Khan ( General Rtd)
Khyzar Hayat Khan (Priniple)

Sector No.2
Syed Munawar Shah

Sector No.3
Fareed Khan Dari
Wali Muhammad Khan  Dari
Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas
Yaqoob Khan Mumaya

Sector No.4
Akhtar Nawaz Khan  (Minister for transport and fisheries )
Malik Azhar Khan Ali Zai
Daood Khan Phooldar
Muhammad Nawaz Khan (Khalabat)
Ehsan Khan Khalabat
Fakhar Zaman Khan Khalabat
Haji Iqbal Darband
Malik Khan Afsar Dragri
Alhaj Izat Khan Khalabat

Sunday, 13 November 2011

History of Khalabat

 Residential construction started in 1974, inhabitants of KTS are affectee of Tarbela Dam, about 82,000 acres (330 km2) land was acquired for its construction. The large reservoir of the dam submerged 135 villages, which resulted in displacement of a population of about 96,000 people from the richest green valley of the area, Effectees of Tarbella Dam resides in Khalabat Township, Kangra Colony (in Haripur on Hattar Road), Punjab and Sindh provinces.
The town was named after the village Khalabat which had submerged in the Tarbela lake. Majority of the people in Khalabat village were Pathans, It was famous for citrus fruit gardens. A village by the same name inhabited by the same people also exist in Swabi District. The name Khalabat is a combination of two words 'Khala' and 'Bat'. Khala means upright and bat means stone. There was a ten feet high stone column erected in the ground of Khalabat. Famous villages that got submerged were, Tarbela, Dheeri, Khalabat, Jahar, Luqmania, Jathoo, Dari, Anorra, Laloo Gali, Thapla, Kundreala, Kiya, Khabal, Mumaiya, Pakkah Panialah etc.
The affectees were adjusted in present KTS and Kangra Colony Haripur and District Swabi. Some people were alloted land in southern Punjab and Sindh; however, only the influentials were able to take possessions and the entitlement

Famous places

Famous places

Akhtar Nawaz Khan Stadium, Chaman Park, Chaman park mohallah khabal, main chowck, Degree collage for boys, chandni chowck, etc.Tarbela Lake is a picnic spot, boats can be hired by the visitors to have a tour of the Tarbela Lake, these can be seen standing at the sides when reached by road from Haripur. Also local people use them to get to the villages at the mountains for fishing and hunting. 

khalabat Township


Khalabat Township was established in the north-east of the district Haripur between haripur city and Tarbella Lake when over 135 villages with 96,000 peoples came underwater due to the construction of Tarbela dam. Residential construction started in 1974 although the township was constructed according to an urban plan prepared by WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan) , actually lay out design of Khalabat township is similar to sectors ofIslamabad but faulty planning has resulted in total mismanagement of the scheme. Some of the resident are the richest people in the northern Pakistan due to their involvement in illegal activities of smuggling of drugs and timber through Tarbela Lake. The inhabitants of Khalabat Town are faced with unemployment, unchecked flow of narcotics, Crimes and absence of civic amenities. Township has lot of Chowks and speed humps, In all together there are almost 168 speed humps in KTS. On entering Khalabat Township there is Chunge (Toll Plaza) after passing through the Toll Plaza the first Chowk is known as Babu chowk, the most famous chowk of KTS is Chandni Chowk. Main locations points are Chandni ChowkBabu ChowkMain ChowkPakhral ChowkDarri ChowkUthman ChowkTanoli Chowk and Anora Moorr. Main Chowk is the most busiest in town for shopping as shops which sell clothes, shoe, jewellery, hardware, furniture, fast food ,cold spots etc.
A large Government graveyard is situated in Sector 3. A Public Library has been established inside Town Committee building. It was the efforts of ex-Tehsil Nazim Iftikhar Ahmed Khan to establish the Public library. A Civil Hospital has also been established in KTS. Credit goes to Late Akhtar Nawaz Khan for establishment of Colleges in KTS.
There are number of villages around Khalabat Township, some of them are Qazian, Jaamah, Padhana, Basira, Karpehan, Dobandi, Nakka, Malikyar, Chohar, Momiya, Khewa etc.